grace: Notes on Survival Book

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grace: notes on survival (2014)

“I’m 40 minutes from the hotel, it’s pouring rain and I don’t love you anymore.”- excerpts from Grace.

"Grace: Notes on Survival is a collection of poems about devastation and creation, loss and recovery, change and uplift. Chiedza Pasipanodya’s raw emotional expression, intelligent optimism, and limber sense of rhythm take us into places in our own experiences when we learned to hope and persist. These poems are of the grace that catches us whenever we fall, the love that motivates survival." - Shangeetha Jeyamanohar, Editor

Reviews: Broken Pencil | Xtra Magazine

Purchase: Glad Day Books | SORPLUSI Publishing | eBook | ISBN978-0-9938292-3-9

Paperback, 58 pages. 7.5' x 5"