Bridging physical gaps and barriers.


" I recognize the capacity technological innovations hold in bridging physical gaps and barriers to access, particularly for marginalized individuals. In recent years I have begun to integrate design thinking with practical skills such as User Experience design, Front-End Web development, etc. to begin collaborations with individuals across disciplines that can generate practical solutions, produce usable software and tackle a variety of issues in community. "


In the Fall of 2016, Sunset Service (Toronto) and Reboot Safety (San Francisco) came together in partnership with Woodgreen Rites of Passage, PhinkLife, and FCAD Forum at Ryerson University for Reboot Safety’s first hackathon in Toronto. This hackathon was a collaborative event and the focus was to create a better now for community using software, civic engagement and creativity.

The mission of Reboot Safety is to support and recognize the power of every individual’s contribution to safe, prosperous communities, focus on creating solutions that monitor and manage public safety, disentangle public health from public safety, and build local economies of color to ensure wealth that lasts for generations.